After Sales Services

Proximity Assistance

With the scaling up of assistance coverage through the territory, our engineers are close to main production sites and therefore can ensure fast intervention on our customers' premises :

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Curative Maintenance
  • Repairs, servicing and restoration of machines or equipment


Fabricom Systèmes d'Assemblage is able to develop maintenance plans and to implement multiyear progress agreements (providing for uninterrupted equipment availability) :

  • Preventive inspection
  • Monitoring of the critical components of the production tool
  • Maintenance 
  • Preventive maintenance servicing
  • Corrective maintenance servicing

Servives can be handled on our installations as well as on other production equipment (upon request).

Spare parts

Fabricom Systèmes d'Assemblage manages and warrants spare parts availability for all its equipment (purchased or machined parts, spare sub-assemblies).


Fabricom Systèmes d'Assemblage is accredited as a training body.