Leader in the field of assembly systems in France and in Europe, Fabricom Systèmes d'Assemblage provides engineering and manufacturing of special machines or complete assembly lines for all kinds of products.

Fabricom Systèmes d'Assemblage has a recognised know-how in assembling the following parts :

Chassis Systems (steering systems, suspension systems, knuckle modules, transmission gears)

  • Engine modules (Electrical Systems, injection systems, Feeding Systems, ignition systems, turbocharger systems, pumping systems, filtering systems)
  • Engine cooling & air conditioning (compressors)
  • Security & signal systems (seatbelts, rear warning lights)
  • Brakes (ABS systems, conventional systems)
  • Wipers (wiper systems, wiper arms)
  • Engines (engine block, cylinder head, camshaft, final engine assembly)
  • Gearboxes (manual and automatic)
  • Household appliances (Circuit breaker, actionneurs de stores électriques, moteurs de volets roulants)
  • Electrotechnical components (magnetic circuits, contacts insertion, cannalis terminal switches)
  • Module assembly for the manufacturing of all kinds of vehicles or factory-made products

Fabricom Systèmes d'Assemblage controls the following processes :

  • Riveting
  • Crimping
  • Marking
  • Tightening
  • Press-fitting
  • Clinching
  • Leak test
  • Vision
  • Snap tooling
  • Liquid gasket dispensing

Moreover, Fabricom Systèmes d'Assemblage developped and patented some unique processes relative :