Electric Controlled Insertion

FSA, parallels to its assembly machine knowledge, and coming from a long expertise in tightening and press system, is producing electric tightening and electric press systems, designed for industry.

These standard products are electric actuator which are integrated in assembly lines or test and control bench.
Site FSA Electric Press

The force range proposed is the most extended of the market (from 0,5kN to 1000kN) and presents the best performances of the market :
- Repeat position accuracy under load : +/-0,01 mm (by flexion learning),
- Available strokes from 300 to 500mm for force until 200kN,
- Available strokes from 600 to 1 200mm for force until 1 000kN,
- Speed from 150 to 900 mm/s depending on the type.

The product presents new functionalities in the market, like « checking of non-rupture » of the work piece, but also :
- Stop to position with force checking,
- Stop to force with position checking,
- « Force at a relative position from end » checking,
- Checking of the Force/travel on 10 windows,
- Differential position checking.
The product works in compression mode or pulling mode with the same performance.
The mechanical design of the FSA spindles avoid using reguiding of the press shaft.

Application examples :
Insertion, fastening, beading, part height adjusment by deformation (new), heading (gyroscopic fastenig), controlled fastening.

Composition :